Proving the value of our momentum to modernize  

After Superstorm Sandy devastated portions of New Jersey nearly six years ago, PSE&G received approval for major upgrades to its electric and gas systems to make them more resilient to this kind of severe storm. Since 2014, under our Energy Strong program, we have raised or eliminated 26 electrical switching and substations, replaced 240 miles of low-pressure gas pipes in flood-prone areas and reinforced electrical pathways that serve critical customers such as hospitals, waste water treatment facilities and pumping stations, among others. Continue reading

Nurturing and teaching – the heart of our employees

It was a cold, spring day (in a spring with too many cold, spring days) when nearly 100 Newark students converged on PSEG’s corporate headquarters. They learned about teamwork and in-demand jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), heard from PSEG employees about their own career paths, and met and interacted with students from other Newark high schools. It was a great day for the students but also for more than two dozen PSEG volunteers who spent the day at the Jr. Achievement Career Success workshop.   Continue reading

A Stronger Gas Network – And for Keith, Kyle and Matt, New Jobs

Seven months ago, Keith Baker of Irvington logged onto PSE&G’s website to pay his monthly electric bill, and clicked on the “Careers” button out of curiosity. Today, Baker is a full-time street mechanic – part of the growing PSE&G team replacing more than 500 miles of aging gas pipes throughout New Jersey. “I was looking for a new challenge for myself, a new skill,” said Baker, who previously worked as a plumber. PSE&G has always had a reputation for providing steady jobs with strong pay and benefits, he added. Continue reading

My Nuclear Conversion

I was a junior at Brown University in May 1980 when I climbed onto a bus for the 100-mile trip to Seabrook, New Hampshire, where one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants was being built. I was one of thousands of young people who were there to protest the spread of nuclear power – less than a year after the meltdown at Three Mile Island.

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Smart Students Choose New Jersey


We tell our children to dream big and go far. We would be wise to also tell them that they can do both in New Jersey.

New Jersey is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. CNBC pointed specifically to our higher education assets in its latest ranking of the Top States for Business. And the State’s elementary and secondary schools are consistently ranked amongst the country’s best, most recently by Wallet Hub. Continue reading

Following The Dream, More Than 50 Years Later


I believe that the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is grounded by a single dream and promise he sought hard to help Americans achieve. The dream is of civil justice and equality for all. Today, we can all honor this legacy by keeping his dream alive. More than 50 years since he spoke of this dream, we are carrying it forward within the walls of PSEG, as a journey of inclusion.

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