PSEG’s clean energy transformation

The challenges presented by climate change are real and growing more apparent every day. As an energy company, PSEG has a unique opportunity to rise to these challenges while serving our customers, our communities – and the planet. 

Our customers will always depend on the safe, reliable, around-the-clock energy we provide, but we know that won’t be enough anymore – we must also be champions of clean energy. 

In this video, PSEG Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo reaffirms our commitment to be part of a clean energy future.

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How to avoid paying for more than half of your electric car

There are many new models of electric cars flooding the market, from pure electrics (like the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt or Tesla) to electric cars that also sport gas electric generators so they may run on duel fuels (like the Chevy Bolt Volt or BMW I3).  Still others boast a small electric engine that takes you 10 to 15 miles and then switch to a gas engine (like the plug-in Prius or Ford Focus ).  This is just a start. There are now more than 35 models of electric cars from more than 17 companies for sale in the Unites States.  Increasingly there is an electric car that can meet the driving needs of nearly everyone.  Continue reading

Fill ’Er Up: Paving the Way for Electric Vehicles

Richard Rose’s daily commute to his office at The College of New Jersey in Ewing is 56 miles, round-trip. Most days, his hybrid Chevy Volt doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. It’s only on cold winter days, when Rose gives in to the thermometer and turns on the heat, that he needs to dip into his car’s gas-powered reserves.

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Put Your Gas Car Out to Pasture


In researching PSE&G’s 100th anniversary, I came across a purchasing memo:

Purchase request: Truck.

Reason: Horse died.

They got the truck.

Rarely can you find a document that captures a moment of dramatic change at, or near, its start. The horse, a tried and true component of transportation for decades, would begin to increasingly be replaced by engine driven cars and trucks – at PSE&G and in society. In fact, today it is jarring for us to even think of an electric and gas company that used horses to take people and equipment to string the electric wires and dig the ditches for gas lines still being using today.
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Are EV Charging Stations The Next Hot Amenity At Work and Home?


More than four million passenger cars in New Jersey busily shuttle commuters to work, kids to practice and groceries to kitchens. All those trips on crowded roads are one reason why transportation is the largest source of air pollution in New Jersey – ahead of power plants and industry. For some, that has sparked increased interest in driving electric vehicles (EVs), which emit no exhaust or pollution.
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