Keeping your cool: Helpful tips for using your AC in the summer

Summer days are finally upon us! As we break out warm-weather wear, it’s no time to be thinking about air conditioning repair. After all, your AC is one of your most important pieces of home equipment—especially at this time of year.

Good news: There are four easy things you can do to maintain your AC, so your unit stays up to the task of helping you beat the swelter all season long.

  1. Perform an easy check on AC vents anytime to help your AC run more efficiently. Make sure the vents are clear of obstructions and be sure to clean off any dust and debris accumulating between vents. That buildup can really slow down your system.
  2. Since your AC is running constantly on hot days, replace your air filters regularly. A clogged filter disrupts airflow and could end up causing serious damage to your equipment.
  3. Shut windows and doors while the AC is running. In addition to increasing overall cooling efficiency, keeping warmer air out puts less stress on the device.
  4. Schedule regular service for your unit, particularly before the warmer months start. Your AC technician can pinpoint and fix problems such as faulty circuit boards, blown transformers, and overheated or worn-out capacitors, so you’ll always be ready when outdoor temperatures spike.

While these are steps we all can take to help keep our AC units running, these units are complicated pieces of equipment that require maintenance—and sometimes expensive repairs or even a full HVAC replacement.

For example, air conditioning repairs could cost up to $1,100 out-of-pocket, and that’s without labor included. What’s more, it’s not always simple to figure out why your AC unit isn’t working properly, or why it’s broken down.

Don’t let high repair costs make you overheat this summer. We’re here for you! Consider a PSE&G WorryFree Central Air Conditioner Protection Plan, and you’ll get the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.

PSE&G Editorial Team

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