“Hey Google … do you believe in magic?”

Google Assistant … it is almost magical. And, as a PSE&G employee and customer, I’m thrilled that PSE&G now offers customers a custom “action” to use with Google Assistant to manage your account.

I walk into a room and say the magic words … the lights and television turn on.   

I can’t remember where I put my keys. I say it out loud, and its location is instantly revealed.    

My husband is in the basement, I am on the third floor and need to ask him a question about our plans tonight. Poof, I have my answer without climbing three flights of stairs. 

The baby is fussing and will not go to sleep. We say the magic words and sweet lullabies start playing as she peacefully falls asleep … works like a charm!

When is our PSE&G bill due? Usually right about … and our Google Assistant automatically plays a reminder about our PSE&G bill and how much it is. 

Okay, so it’s not really magic, but it certainly feels like it is because we use voice technology more than 50 times a day. It’s true, I actually counted for this story.  

When my husband came home with 10 Google Assistant devices and a grand plan to use them in every room of our town house to control the lights, thermostat, ceiling fans or change the channels on the TV, I thought it was a tad excessive and was skeptical.

Well, we’ve been integrating Google Assistant into our daily lives for the past two years and I can say that I am a believer! Voice technology has revolutionized how we live our lives. We are huge Harry Potter fans, we’ve seen all the movies, and sometimes I feel like our Google Assistant is our magic wand.

I’m thrilled that I’m now able to let Google Assistant help me manage my PSE&G account through the PSE&G action. Very similar other voice assistant technology, this action allows me to pay my bill, report an outage (from the app on my phone), schedule appliance service repairs and more. Find out the details here: nj.pseg.com/voiceassistant.

Hey PSE&G, thank you for using technology to bring a little magic into our lives. 

The PSE&G action for the Google Assistant is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc. Google Assistant is a trademark of Google Inc.

Christine Athill, Social Media Generalist


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  • Great article. As I get older, I could use the “magical” help. Very interesting concept. So much to do in my life and if I get things done easier, why not?

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