Keeping Promises

In two words, what does it mean to be a veteran working at PSEG: keeping promises.

Just as our great Nation promised Veterans Day as a day to pay homage to veterans for their service and sacrifice, PSEG has kept their promises to people like me, an employee and veteran, and has given me a lot to be thankful for.

Throughout PSEG’s 113-year history, the company has supported its employees who were called on active duty through two world wars, recent world conflicts and ongoing reserve obligations. Like countless coworkers before me, if you served your country, PSEG kept its promises to have a job for you when you returned, and made sure that my medical benefits still continued for my family. I’ve been part of the PSEG family for more than 15 years now and been deployed four times, and each time the company has made good on its promise to me.

And while I’m working at PSEG, there is a strong parallel between what I do for the military and what I do for this company – ensure people’s safety. Like the Army, linemen and linewomen face their own share of risks each day, but because of the strong safety-first mentality that runs deep throughout the company, I am able to use my skills to train my team, as well as provide them with the tools they need to work safely. I am able to keep my promise to my crew, their families and mine about working in the safest way possible so we can come home the same way we left.

In addition, PSEG keeps it promises to hire veterans – this year alone, hiring more than 100. It turns out that the skill sets we learn from the military are a great match for the jobs we offer.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s always someone at the company doing something to remember our vets. We have a very active employee business resource group, the PSEG VETS, made up of employees who work together to raise money for veteran organizations, honor veterans at flag raising ceremonies, send care packages to troops overseas for the holidays, and partner with HR to attend veterans outreach events throughout the year. It’s a great feeling knowing that each donation, each package, and each prospective veteran employee was handled with care. In addition to the employee effort, our PSEG Foundation also provides grants to organizations that work to rehabilitate returning vets like Wounded Warriors and HeadStrong.

I’m #PSEGProud to work for a company that honors and pays tribute to veterans the way PSEG does, and I’m not alone. Recently, the company was awarded the prestigious Seven Seals Award and Top 100 Military Friendly employers.

I am proud to serve my country, serve the customers of PSEG, and work for a company that honors it commitments and keeps its promises.

This Veterans Day, I salute all my brothers and sisters protecting our freedom, and honor all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Alex Arroyo

Chief Lineman – PSE&G and Army Master Sgt.

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